If you're considering a pack for your gear while heading to the crag, please don't pick the Bolsa. Here's why (based on my experience):

-It has a tarp, as advertised.

- If you have anything bigger than a 60-70m rope, your gear will not fit. I can fit the minimum 12 draws, slings, beaners, shoes, harness, grigri, chalk bag if I really pack it in. Don't expect to fit any extra clothes, food or water in this bag.
- The straps are not padded, therefore, they are incredibly uncomfortable. A large rope gets heavy on its own, it doesn't help to have straps digging into your shoulders (there is no waist belt).
- It is a top loading bag with one zipper. This normally is fine, but if you're cramming all your stuff in (like you will be), it's very hard to zip.

Those are basically the only cons, though, arguably those are the only important components of a bag (it holds stuff and you can carry it comfortably on a long approach?)
If you are only planning on carrying a rope and nothing else in your rope bag, there are far more economical and practical bags (smaller with only the necessary amount of space) available.

Good luck in your search!

The Gear