At 6am we arrive, the first in line for sunrise at the Taj Mahal.

Many soon follow as we await the opening of the doors to welcome us inside.

My travel mates and I were awake at 4 to look just right. Adorned in our lehengas from the wedding we just returned from in Bangalore, the early sun would shine upon us and the natural luminescence of the Taj would make the perfect picture scenario.

Within minutes upon entering, another migraine hit like a full force train to my head. The second one in two days.

I barely was able to pass through the other eager visitors while red, pain-inflicted spots mixed into the crowd. Eventually I found my companions and the decision was quickly made, I should return to the hotel and rest.

With tears about to fall from my tired eyes, I admitted defeat and followed our guide back to our car, but not before he took some photos so I could remember the day.

Once I was in the hotel, I couldn’t hold back my sadness and disappointment.

I sent my husband a message “I had to leave the Taj Mahal, I feel like a failure.”

His response “You cannot blame yourself for not feeling well. I know you are upset, but you are not a failure. Someday, we will see the Taj together.”

As I crawled back into bed, I looked at the pictures taken the day before. We hadn’t been able to make sunset in the Taj, but our guide took us to another area, with a different perspective.

Not only was the Taj Mahal in the midst, there were goats munching, women gathering vegetables, and children who were playing chase.

The essence of the Taj is exquisite and yes, I did miss the perfect shot many go for.

I have the memory of being there and I get to say, yeah I got sick at the Taj Mahal.