I am a “Mountain Mamma”, and there’s nothing in this wondrous world I love more than watching my sons adventure into the great outdoors! We are a family of 6, including my husband and me, our three young men (ages seven, four, and ten months), and an adventure seeking dog. As a whole we live, work, and play in our mountain community in Buena Vista, Colorado and the surrounding areas. We are surrounded by mountains that elevate to 14000 ft.

Our favorite way to experience our surroundings is snowshoeing! Winters are long around here and as much fun as we have hiking, biking, fishing, camping, kayaking, rafting and climbing in the 3-4 months of summer we have, we have adapted our lifestyle to enjoy every season no matter what.

My husband is known around here for always being prepared for absolutely anything, and I am so very thankful for this trait in him. On more than one occasion we have found ourselves in a bind that worked itself out well due to our being prepared. I have to say that raising our children in the mountains is a wonderful feeling, and I feel like they will be well equipped with many skills to go out into this great big world and find more adventures than I can even dream of.

My oldest son’s favorite story to remind his dad about, is the morning daddy woke him up really early when the sun was not out yet and had him get his snowsuit on. He drove the sleepy boy out north of town to the lake for some ice fishing. They snowshoed across a long distance and spent the day together catching fish out of a little hole in the floor of the ice hut.

Another experience that sticks in my mind is the time our family friend went into diabetic shock on the mountain while out snowshoeing by the light of the full moon. My husband has a quick response to these types of things and was able to get our friend stable enough to get back down the mountain using essential oils and other forms of our home based apothecary.

All these experiences teach my sons safety, and respect for life, as well as adventure and survival. We have had so many adventures together, and I look forward to the day when my sons can go off and find adventures on their own to tell me about.