Last winter I spent a great deal of time in the snow – not my happiest moments. I am not a fan of winter, but I needed endurance training.

My husband had recently purchased snowshoes for us as a test buy, so what better time to use them for the first time than a cabin weekend with our friends who had just recently lived in Alaska?

The snowshoes, I must say, made me feel ridiculous. With each fall, I felt more and more like a turtle rolling from side to side looking for a way up.

Eventually I did become a little more accustomed to them and definitely needed them on the next big hike we took. Unfortunately we left them in our vehicle.

On that hike we trudged for hours and were only halfway through when the sky began to turn dark. We finally reached the end, snow covered and shivering, but with a great lesson learned. Never second guess the need for snowshoes!