This piece is from a couple months ago but it brings me back to the day I learned you can make everyday the best.

Jan. 11th, 2018 – Day 7/11
I had trouble sleeping last night. I was woken up by probably 100 coyotes howling and yipping for dinner. All around I could hear them. If I listened close enough I could hear multiple pups in the distance. They yipped at 9:45pm before being interrupted by a campground dog; and then again around 5:15am.

After I really woke up around 6:00, I was glad to see a little of home as I got out of my tent. The fly of the tent was completely covered in frost and ice. The Colorado seasons had blessed me multiple times with frost on my tent and car. As the morning sun hit the tent it began to defrost and drip down the crevasses created by the tent itself.

Around 6:30am I sat for a while on a rock soaking up the morning sunshine. I listened to the birds, chipmunks, hares, and a man out in the distance. This man had me fascinated. He was singing some song about how we all are family. I watched him as he walked across my gaze throughout the Joshua Trees. His singing slowly started to fade and I went on to continue to listen to the birds. The crows here get so close you can hear their wings propelling them through the air. A few moments later I see the family man again. He was walking on the dirt road now, right infront of me. “Good morning” he said. As I replied, I couldn’t help but watch. He was just slightly taller than me with scragly dark hair that looked like it hadn’t been washed in days. (No judgement here, I hadn’t showered in exactly 6 days) He wore a beanie hat just enough that his shoulder length, oily, and dreaded hair just slightly stuck out from beneath. As he was just about to pass me, he asked if I would like a morning hug. “I think this day deserves one.” He continued. (I hate hugs.) I thought about it for what probably seemed like a long time. And replied with a “Sure, I would love a morning hug.” He went on to say how amazing today was and a hug seemed appropriate for the start of this day. As he walked away joyfully, I though about what he had said in depth, and I realized he was right. Each day is what you make it to be, if you start your day out with a walk through amazing land, belting your favorite song, add some neighborly chit chat, and even some morning hugs. That day you have just started, is going to continue in the footsteps you’ve created. Just as mine did.

Later on that day, I on-sighted and lead a 5.7 sport and trad mix (doesn’t sound that impressive, but for never dealing with trad gear before this trip I felt pretty good), top roped, lead and cleaned a 5.8, practiced setting anchors and trad gear, and I finished up the day with a little much needed yoga on top of a boulder overlooking the park.