So my boyfriend recently introduced me to the joy of backpacking. I have always been an outdoorsy type of girl, but being a bit out of shape, he was nice enough to choose an easy trail to attempt on my first hike. I’m a single mom with 2 girls and really excited for a weekend getaway for my 29th birthday. The New Mexico mountains were calling my name.

While browsing through Sportsman’s Warehouse with a shopping list of things to buy, I came across a cute little package labeled “You Go Girl”. My curiosity got the better of me and I picked up the package and read into it. What I learned was that it was a device to help women stand up to urinate. My mind started racing as I thought this simple little tool was the most brilliant thing that I could think of. So the 10 dollar purchase was an easy investment.

I thought back to the years camping and hiking where I have struggled like most women to squat in the appropriate way to not get pee running down your leg and onto your shoes. I was anxious to try out this object, so I rushed home after shopping and found it easy to use and I successfully Peed like a man.

The hike into the Santa Fe wilderness was exhilarating and exhausting. The over packed Osprey I rented from the outdoor store was heavier than I thought, but I made it to the campsite with many successful potty breaks along the way. We set up camp, my trooper of a boyfriend carried the heavy stuff (tent, jetboil) and ate a delicious meal of Stroganoff from Mountain house.

This hike is a bit early in the season with snow packed trails so we bundle up for the night and went to bed. The next morning I woke up with a very very full bladder. Rushing to meet my 200 feet from camp, I dig a hole. I had both layers of pants on from the cold night and drop them to my ankles down by my big clunky boots. I pull out my device and do my business… but what I fail to realize is that I overflow my funnel. With little control, next thing I know I have pee running all over the place – pouring out of my funnel and onto the only 2 pairs of pants I brought with me. It even made its way into my boots. So…I highly recommend the “You Go Girl” yet make sure you are mindful of your flow.