Helping One Another Go Further

Ensuring a supportive community with SpringLocker Hub Points.

Communities Thrive When Their Members Help Each Other

  • Hub Points are our way of acknowledging how much you contribute to the community.

  • The more you do on SpringLocker, the more Hub Points you’ll earn. 

  • Sharing stories, starting & replying to discussions, creating gear guides, upvoting comments, and recommending items are all ways to earn Hub Points. (learn more)

Become A Guru

Earn Hub Points to climb the community ranks.

Guru: +4,000 Hub Points
Sage: 2,000-3,999 Hub Points
Nonpareil: 1,000-1,999 Hub Points
Explorer: 500-999 Hub Points
Ranger: 150-499 Hub Points
Dabbler: Under 149 Hub Points

Earning Hub Points

  • Sign Up For SpringLocker: 20 Hub Points

  • Upload Your Profile Picture: 4 Hub Points

  • Share A Story: 15 Hub Points

  • Have Your Story Featured: 10 Hub Points

  • Create A User Gear Guide: 15 Hub Points

  • Recommend An Item: 2 Hub Points

  • Start A Discussion: 2 Hub Points

  • Get A Comment On Your Discussion: 1 Hub Point per comment

  • Leave A Comment On A Discussion: 2 Hub Points

  • Get An Upvote On Your Comment: 1 Hub Point per upvote

  • Upvote Another Member’s Comment: 2 Hub Points

  • Like A Gear Guide or Story: 2 Hub Points

To ensure a safe & supportive community, SpringLocker will not permit offensive or insulting comments, discussions or images.

All comments, discussions and images that are reported as being inappropriate will be reviewed by a SpringLocker administrator.

Comments, discussions and images that are deemed to be inappropriate by SpringLocker will be removed. 

The member will then lose Hub Points based on:
-50 Hub Points for the first penalty
-200 Hub Points for future penalties

SpringLocker reserves the right to ban any member for inappropriate activity.