Just a few days before I was leaving for a two month trip in Asia, I was weeding my flower garden while wearing flip flops. The hand rake was buried in a pile of weeds and when I stood up to get a drink of water, the rake went through the flip flop and into my foot.

I remember screaming and running into the house with a trail of blood behind me. My husband ran down the steps, cleaned up the wound, and covered it with moleskin. The pain was excruciating and I could barely put my foot on the floor.

There was shooting pain, but now worry over how I was going to trek in the jungle once I landed in Thailand when I could barely move.

Next step was a trip to the store to purchase deep cushioned shoes, bottles of liquid band-aid and more boxes of moleskin.  All loaded into the cart.

My husband, trying to reassure me said “at least the long plane ride will keep you off your feet.” He was right.

The first week of my journey gave me the determination that no matter what came my way I could handle it. Whether it be a hole in the foot, re-injuring a broken finger or falling twelve times on a fourteen mile trek, the bruises, cuts, and sore muscles I would endure again. My time with the elephants, the people and the places were so beautiful, all the pain seemed to melt away.