It was a lovely sunny day in mid June, in Boulder, Colorado. It has such a lovely ring to it. Where the kids are cool and the hiking is even cooler. I was somewhere near the Mt. Sanitas Trail, and, whether I should have been or not, I was a little off path with a friend of mine. I had climbed ahead, some light scrambling, nothing major.

There were two big boulders on each side of me and one underneath me, and they were squished together so that I could see ground ahead. I made my way forward when all of a sudden- my foot slipped. Somehow, I was leaning forward, and the other foot followed suit. In that split second I was falling forward, I thought for sure I was going to hit my head on a rock and pass out cold. But to my surprise, I was going so fast that both my feet ended up in front of me, and I fell right through the two boulders with the boulder to my back and to the sides of me and fell right into the crevice like a little puzzle piece. I had hit my knee and elbow on the way down, but landed on my bum with my knees hugged close to my chest.

I sat in shock and somewhat registered my friend calling to me and rushing to my side. He looked at me and asked if I was okay. I was still frozen in the landing position simply afraid to move just yet. I said, “Yeah I think so.” He smacked my knee in relief. I screamed in pain.

Looking back, I shouldn’t have been scrambling in tennis shoes a half size too big, and I probably should have been going slower. I thought to myself, smack my damn head, I coulda smacked my damn head on a rock, this time it was just my knee!! Lesson learned.