Crystal Lake, Breckenridge, Colorado.

I started wearing lipstick on the trail so that I could be better identified on the trail. As an avid solo hiker, I needed a better way to be identified on the trail if I went missing than, “She was wearing a Columbia jacket with a red backpack.”

You tend to give people a weird look when you realize they’re wearing make-up in nature. I was that weirdo. Plus I started to think that it was chic AF. If I could wear my Teva’s and REI cargo shorts into a Burberry store, then I could surely wear lipstick on the trail.

Though my lipstick on the trails adventures actually started on the ski slopes. Again, I thought it would be cute to wear bright red lipstick to stand out in the crowd. Which it totally worked one year when a lady at the bar told me that she saw my red lips on the ski slopes and wanted to buy me a drink!

Moral of the story being, I’m not going to stop being myself just because I’m in a different environment. Literally.