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Frequently Asked Questions

Profile & Hub Points

SpringLocker was created to provide the outdoor community with meaningful recommendations that are relevant to people’s specific interests, experience level, age, etc. This is why when you create an account we ask for your name, age, and location; and when you add an interest, we ask for your experience level. We only show age ranges so your birth year is safe with us. Our goal is to help people get the best gear recommendations and advice, and that comes from real people.

Hub Points are our way of acknowledging our members’ contributions to the community. The more you do on SpringLocker, the more Hub Points you’ll earn. For the full breakdown of how to earn them see our Hub Points Overview.

No, you can’t redeem them for anything, but whenever we have contests, we use Hub Points to determine the number of entries everyone has.  So the more you do on the site, the more entries you’ll get in our contests. 

On a more competitive note, earning Hub Points moves you through the SpringLocker ranks and who doesn’t want to be a Guru? 

Ranks are determined by how many Hub Points a member has earned and show how much a member has contributed to the community. Everyone starts out as a Dabbler but can move up through the ranks to eventually become a Guru. Here’s the full list of ranks and the Hub Points needed for each tier.

Using SpringLocker

You can search for a person, activity, specific item, type of item, discussion topic, or location.  Basically anything. Just use the search bar. You can then narrow your search by price /location or filter the results by experience level or age.

We are not trying to compete with the thousands of great retailers that are already out there. Our goal is to help you find the best gear by showing you what other people recommend. When you find the item you want, we will show you where to get it. This keeps us focused on helping you instead of worrying about selling goods and lets you know exactly where you can get what you want.

On every item page, there’s an option to “RECOMMEND” it. If you use a piece of gear and think it’s great, recommend it. You can select which of your interests the item is relevant for and help other people find the best gear out there. Everyone starts with an “Other” section, but you can easily add more interests.

You can also create a gear guide with the gear you recommend for an activity.  We then take all your recommendations and use them to compile your specific SpringLocker.

If you don’t see the item on SpringLocker that you want to recommend, you can easily submit a new item to SpringLocker by clicking the “+ Item” button on the search results pages and pasting in the URL. When you click the “Load Item” button, we will attempt to grab as much from the site as possible to fill in the key fields for the picture, brand, price, and description; or just click the “Quick Add” link and we will take care of all of it for you. Once a SpringLocker admin approves the item, you’ll be notified.

The outdoor market revolves around word of mouth recommendations. When you recommend an item, it is your word of mouth recommendation to the world. Similarly, when professionals recommend an item in their SpringLocker, these recommendations are the Pros number. Collectively, these numbers tell you what items other people believe in so that instead of getting a recommendation from one person, you’re getting a recommendation from thousands.

We created SpringLocker to be a free site that helps the outdoor community, and we will not sell advertising on the site. So how do we make money? When someone clicks on a “Buy Now” link and they make a purchase from one of our retail partners, it generates a small referral fee to SpringLocker. This is how we keep the lights on while keeping the site ad free.
Please contact us directly and we can talk about either setting you up as a retail partner or find other ways to work together. Email us at info@springlocker.com or contact us. We’d love to hear from you!


No, we do not pay contributors or buy content. SpringLocker is a community for sharing outdoor stories, advice, gear recommendations and experiences. Our focus is on sharing unbiased opinions. Different stories will help different people. If we buy content, we would be taking a stance on what is / is not helpful and jeopardizing our focus on unbiased opinions. We aren’t willing to do that.
No, we do not include advertising anywhere on SpringLocker. Our focus is on sharing unbiased opinions. Including advertising would jeopardize that focus. We aren’t willing to do that even if it means giving up money.
Absolutely! Include the link to your blog at the bottom of your story when you submit it and we will include it.
Yes, you do. When you submit a story and images, you give us the right to use them but they are still yours. If you want us to stop using them, contact us and we’ll take down your story.
Stories are published as soon as they are reviewed. We try and review all new stories within 48 hours from when they are submitted.
Yes, we do! Different stories help different people. We aren’t going to say what will resonate with someone which is why we publish everything that’s submitted. However, we won’t post anything offensive or inappropriate.
Our team selects exceptional stories to feature on SpringLocker, in our emails, and on social media. We like to think it’s a big deal. To have a story considered to be featured, you need to have a SpringLocker account.
There’s no right or wrong length and it’s all up to you. However, we’ve found that the sweet spot is in the 750 – 2,000 word range.
Absolutely! You can submit as many stories as you would like. All your shared stories are included on your SpringLocker profile.
It’s completely up to you! If you want some help, email us at info@springlocker.com and we can help with your brainstorming.
Just share the link to either your YouTube or Vimeo video and we will take care of the rest!