Spring is here! Out my window as I write I see runners, walkers and cyclists…

Longing for the wind in my hair and feet pedaling ever faster. Then my crumpled and forever stiff pinkie reminds me of what I have to overcome. Fear.

Last year around this time, I participated in Bike to Work Day. This event is a great way to raise money for various organizations and bike around the city of Pittsburgh.

After a stop to see the events and pick up treats and coffee, my husband and I headed home. Sixteen miles in and and almost home, my wheels gets stuck in a railroad track – taking my left pinkie with it. I remember being crumpled on the road with my bicycle next to me and in unbelievable pain.

I was lucky. My whole hand was not broken, and I was wearing my helmet.

An ambulance came and rushed me to the ER. The wonderful medics who watched over me were elephant lovers, and we conversed about my upcoming trip to Asia and the elephant I would see. Great distraction tactics.

The Doctor was a very nice man who had been to Thailand, Cambodia, and Myanmar. He did a great job not only on my hand, but distracting me from the pain.

The incident which could have brought my spirits down only reaffirmed the determination and commitment to the journey I was soon embarking on.

I have not been on a bike since and the sunshine, wind, and my marvelous purple bike are beckoning me. I overcame the obstacles of training with an injury. I listened to my body and did not push myself. Now though, my hands shake with a fear I need to conquer and head down the dusty trails once again.