Reading here in the back of my car during a multi day thunderstorm, I feel at home. This is a sensation I find myself having quite often. I come to many places a stranger but end up leaving with a sense of belonging. I get homesick though; for the places I spent only days at but leave feeling more at home than I did after months of residency in my old apartment. I am homesick for Lander, for Orangeville, for Rifle, for the faces I met where my old trusty neighbors and the natural surroundings were my meticulously landscaped front yards. Though, an opposing force drives me onward after a few days; the urge to find new temporary abodes, and transition from stranger to resident. In this purgatory of two states I have never felt more welcome. Everywhere and nowhere are home; I am homeless and homefull.

Ute Valley Park

The author’s friend, Hunter, tackling Philibuster

The author’s dog, Noodle, in Maple Canyon