I’m a 23yr old college student. I learned the hard way what works for me. That is simplicity. The less I have the better I am at finding happiness. The less things to distract me from what is really going on in my environment, the more I am able to gain positive progressive movement from it.

I lived in 7 states. Unfortunately, my reasoning is way more common than it should be. I was running from myself in search of myself. Depressed and over medicated, I was determined that it wasn’t me, it was the place I was in. I finally found myself and when I did, I found happiness in everything and everyone.

The place that led me to this happiness was out in the middle of nowhere with no people, my 10 essentials and some sour gummy worms. That place was Nevada where I spent the previous six months driving up into the mountains every night to sleep in the comfort of my home. Alone. With the occasional truck stop, friend’s house, cave, or tent mixed in.

My plan was to travel around the Reno/Tahoe area hiking, driving, swimming, rafting, and climbing. Basically any way I could do it I wanted to do it. I was going to start out in Reno/Tahoe and expand all through Nevada. However, I didn’t get far before I made the decision to go to nursing school and save money by moving in with my parents.

So, here I am in the most opposite of my comfort zone trying to make a Baltimore suburb life work for me. I am taking everything the Sierras taught me and using it to my fullest power to survive in a place where there are more people than elevation gains.

I’ve been finding easy places to get out on the trail or water and find some meditative moments. For me, I always have to be moving in a positively progressive way. I’m always looking for the new challenge. A new way to better my life. Whenever things get too hard, I get too sad. So I take a moment to just be me with me (and sometimes my dog).

There is something freeing about not having anything.