Love stories are always grouped as the same. No matter which way you tell it or how it’s being told, everyone throws them all in the same toilet.

I first noticed her in 7th grade. It took me to the summer after high-school graduation to get the courage to make her mine. We were in love, since day one. We took up everything together. Our first camping trip was San Onofre and I packed like every asshole first time camper packs; way too much. It didn’t matter though, because the orange glow of the sun setting on her face was the first time I realized that she was the first beautiful thing I ever got stuck on.

We bought surfboards together, a Terry Senate Longboard each. We didn’t last too long in that sport. Next we took up rock climbing. We went from the usual gymers to me losing my trad virginity while she was belaying me at J Tree. She was so happy for me. Next we got lost on the roads, and found an addicting romance that we shared while camping along the California coast. Our next adventure lead us to the famous East Side where we climbed for a few days in the Butttermilks and Owen’s River Valley Gorge. We then found ourselves on some skinny planks in the never forgettable June Lakes (took that up together too). And it wouldn’t be a road trip if someone didn’t troop out a 7 hour snowstorm just to find themselves in the wonderful Valley. She lost me. From there it was a trend, something always new and addicting.

Our age caught up to us. The idea of commitment frightened one of us, and the chapter ended. Nothing much has changed besides distance. She took the year off of school so she could do everything we did together either by herself or with others. That sucks to admit, but it’s just how it is. I’m meeting her in Thailand in 2 weeks to travel the country with her.

I’ve spent the last few months by myself on my own mountain. I’m a Ski Patrol, I’ve made new friends, and do all those things her and I did together with my own friends. I know our story will continue soon. But I’m just not patient, and I do miss our ride. We’re just another young asshole couple, but we’re pretty damn cool, especially together.

See you soon ugly Sunflower.

(I take better pictures of her than random people do of us)

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