RMU La Cabra Skis


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In this new age of alpinism, the La Cabra brings advanced engineering and inspired design to the backcountry with a mission of getting you up efficiently and down with precision. The La Cabra is designed for the ski alpinist and those who want maximum control in harder snow conditions. A progressive four point effective edge and 90mm underfoot allows this ski to grip the snow and transfer edge to edge when the skier needs it most. The La Cabra is 10% stiffer than the normal ski, which really allows it to command the slope. The flat tail allows the ski to power through the end of a turn as well as hold an edge on the steeps. What allows the ski to come in at a backcountry savvy weight is that RMU uses their revolutionary Lumilite Carbon Fiber matrix. This is a special hybrid flex and low dampening Carbon Fiber blend that is impregnated within the graphics. What does this mean? It means that the Carbon Fiber is the strengthening layer as well as the top sheet.