GRIVEL Quantum Tech Ice Axe w/ Hammer, 50 cm


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The ultimate axe for technical climbers, Grivel's Quantum Tech Ice Axe is a superlight technical tool made with aerospace grade composite. Hot-forged head with hammer in chromoly steel with no compromise over quality- forging internal microstructure improves strength and minimizes internal defects/porosity. Carbon composite shaft with no compromise over quality-parts subject to major pressure are designed specifically to enhance strength and rigidity. Strength and rigidity are enhanced by type of reinforcement and orientation of the fibers; the light alloy matrix transfers stress loads to the external carbon fiber reinforcement. Very efficient hand support with a little spike point in tungsten carbide for safety. Blade type: Changeable + reverse positive. Length: 50 cm. CE Certified Type B, UIAA EN 1891. Grivel makes climbing products in Italy with a completely solar-powered factory.