PETZL Ultra Vario Headlamp


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For activities that demand an intense amount of light (think caving or getting an alpine start on something epic), the Petzl Ultra Vario rechargeable headlamp is as good as it gets. With 450 lumens lighting the way, you'll be nearly unstoppable. Ultra-powerful uniform lighting provides up to 450 lumens and shines up to 160 meters. Mixed beam with four lighting modes offer the right amount of light for any situation:~Ambient mode provides a wider, less powerful beam to extend battery life and avoiding blinding other people (45 lumens, 20 meters; 34 hr. battery life)~ Proximity mode provides a super bright flood beam to the immediate area (180 lumens, 40 meters; 9 hr. battery life)~ Movement mode provides a mixed beam and favors battery life in order for the user to move around and light up large areas (450 lumens, 65 meters; 2 hr. battery life)~ Distance mode provides a highly focused beam to illuminate the maximum distance (280 lumens, 160 meters; 4 hr. battery life). Simple rotating selector knob is easy to use-even with gloves on-allowing quick access to the different lighting modes. Constant lighting guarantees performance that wont diminish during its rated battery life; when battery is almost depleted, the light will automatically switch to reserve mode (35 lumens for 2 hours minimum). Light will flash to signal the switch to reserve lighting mode. Front and back comfort plates and adjustable elastic headband provide an excellent fit on any head or helmet. Included ACCU 2 ULTRA Li-ion rechargeable battery offers the perfect balance between capacity and compactness and provides excellent performance at low temperatures. En