PETZL Ultra Rush Belt Headlamp


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For fast-paced activities that demand as much light as possible (think trail running, skiing, or mountain biking in the dark), the Petzl Ultra Rush Belt rechargeable headlamp is as good as it gets. With 700 lumens lighting the way, you'll be unstoppable. . Ultra-powerful uniform lighting provides up to 700 lumens and shines up to 140 meters. Mixed beam with four lighting modes provide the right amount of light for any situation:~Minimum mode-45 lumens, 37 meters; 73 hr. battery life~ Economic mode-260 lumens, 90 meters; 16 hr. battery life~ Optimum mode-370 lumens, 106 meters; 10 hr. battery life~ Maximum mode-700 lumens, 140 meters; 4 hr. battery life. Simple rotating selector knob is easy to use-even with gloves on-allowing quick access to the different lighting modes. Constant lighting guarantees performance that wont diminish during its rated battery life; when battery is almost depleted, the light will automatically switch to reserve mode (35 lumens for 2 hours minimum). Light will flash to signal the switch to reserve lighting mode. Front and back comfort plates and adjustable elastic headband provide an excellent fit on any head or helmet. Included high-capacity ACCU 4 ULTRA Li-ion remote rechargeable battery offers maximum battery life while reducing the amount of weight worn on your head; battery can be carried in your pack or under clothing to optimize battery life in cold conditions. Energy gauge on the battery lets you know how much power you still have; included quick charger completely recharges the light in just five hours. Quick connection system allows f