Tigear MMA Weighted Shin Guards / Insteps


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Increase Your Speed – Introducing our Patent Pending Weighted Shin/Instep engineered to improve your kicking speed. 5 removable weights allow you to increase the amount of resistance when you bag train. Simply remove the weights when you spar and watch your speed increase.
Increase Your Power – Bag train with the weights in. Take the weights out and spar with these shin/insteps (Note: These Shin/Insteps fit under Sparring Boots). Your speed, power, leg strength and muscle stamina will be increased (Each Shin/Instep weighs approximately 3/4 lb without the weights and 2 1/2 lbs with the weights inserted.)
Quick & Easy to take the weights out – Leather pouch specially designed to hold the weights. Simply put the number of weights that you want to train with into the pouch and insert into the strap. Takes only a few seconds to remove the weights and spar with these Shin/Insteps.
Superior Fit – Designed with non-skid moisture wicking liner, elastic neoprene open-sock backing, 2 thick leather straps with non-skid suede lining and heavy-duty hook & loop closures, a thick elastic strap, and a specially designed elastic foot strap that keeps the padding securely positioned to cover the top of your foot. These Shin/Insteps won’t spin or slip when you spar.
Superior Protection - Made with extra high-density shock-absorbing foam padding for maximum protection when you spar.
Superior Durability Hand-crafted from top-grain cowhide leather with premium reinforced stitching.