Tigear EXTREME-X2 Tattoo Shin Guards / Insteps


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Superior Coverage – Specially designed and MMA Fighter tested to cover your ENTIRE foot – toes and all. Elastic foot strap is strategically positioned to keep the padding secure on your foot, yet allow the ball of your foot to make traction with the ground. Innovative built-in optional elastic toe-strap makes these Shin/Insteps even more secure on your foot.
Superior Protection – 3 layers of High-density, impact-absorbing foam padding protects your shin, ankle and foot. Additionally, our unique design wraps around protecting the front and sides of your shin. SPAR HARD with confidence!
Superior Fit – Elastic slip-on neoprene sock combined with 2 wide leather hook & loop closure straps means these shin/insteps “lock” in place and won’t spin when you spar. There’s even an elastic ankle strap.
Quick & Easy to take On & Off! – Elastic neoprene sock designed with open back. This means that even after you train hard and sweat, these shin/insteps are quick and easy to take off.
Superior Durability – Made from top-quality leather with premium heavy-duty reinforced stitching.