Assos SS.13 Lady Women's Jersey


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The Assos SS.13 Lady Women's Jersey combines the same technical features of the SS.13 Men's Jersey with a fit that's decidedly feminine. In typical Assos fashion, the abundance of proprietary technology is rivaled only by the beauty and precise execution of the construction.

Looking at the front, you can see that this is slim-fitting jersey. The front is stitched from six separate panels of wicking macro spandex. To call this fabric luscious would be an understatement. It's a material that's as luxurious to look at as it is to feel on the skin -- more like silk than any synthetic creation. The panels are cut to match the shape of a woman's body. The shoulders are narrow, and the sleeves are made from Assos' macro spandex with mesh strips under the arms. The fit through the shoulders and arms is designed to be body conscious, and because of the snug fit, no elastic is needed in the cuffs to hold them in place. Wide gripper elastic holds the bottom of the jersey firmly from the rear while the front and sides use only a light, almost indiscernible elastic. The overall effect is one that seals the jersey to the body, yet has enough suppleness to flow over your curves through various body positions.

The heart and soul of the SS.13 Lady is Assos' use of 'Stretch-Stop Panel Framing,' where key segments of the jersey are purposely made of inelastic material. Through its inelasticity, the jersey gets a much-needed stability on your body. Throughout the middle of the back, a breathable '3D Sensomesh' panel serves to support the jersey, and prevents it from stretching vertically. Think of this panel as a frame or a support. It's a vital component to stop the jersey from sagging, and it's also more comfortable, sharper looking, and it makes inserting/removing gear from your pockets much easier.

The SS.13 Lady uses a two-pocket back. There's one deep pocket in the center that has an entry point from either side. A smaller, center-zipped pocket is just the right size for keys, money, and a driver's license. This pocket design makes items accessible, and it keeps essentials located in the center of your back instead of resting heavily on one side or another.

Assos designs all of its clothing with its Assos Ergonomic Pattern Design (AEPD) philosophy. When you pull this jersey on in front of the mirror, it might pull upward and seem short at your tummy when you're standing straight up. But it's not designed to be perfect when you're standing in your bedroom -- rather, it's designed to 'click' into place when you're on the bike. The true beauty of the Assos fit is experienced when you're in the saddle reaching for the drops.

The Assos SS.13 Lady Women's Jersey comes in the colors Black, Blue, White, Red, and Yellow. It is available in five sizes from X-Small to X-Large.