Pieps DSP Pro Avalanche Transceiver


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Three antennas, an extra-large, 60-meter circular search range, a mark and scan function, and a smart transmitter for multiple burial scenarios, makes the Pieps DSP Pro avalanche transceiver a top contender when you are selecting this, very important, backcountry tool.-- Three antennas, plus self-checking reference antenna-- Smart transmitter adjusts signal to allow for the easiest solution in a multiple burial scenario-- Circular range for extended, symmetrical search area-- Mark and scan function for multiple burial scenarios-- Digital Signal Processor to pick up beacons transmitting drifted signals-- Integrated inclinometer for easy slope angle assessment-- Continuous carrier mode for use with older, analog beacons-- Direction and distance from initial detection-- Compatible with TX600 mini-transmitter and iProbe for added search capabilities-- Frequency measurement for extended transceiver check-- Updateable software via USB (sold separately)