Jetboil Flash Lite Stove


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The Jetboil Flash Lite Personal Cooking System features the the same Fluxring technology, adjustable valve control, and push-button igniter as the popular Flash. To save valuable weight, the Flash Lite adds a redesigned lid, cozy, burner shroud, and .8 liter cup. Though it is lite weight, it heavy on performance.-- Makes 2 cups of boiling water in 2 min. 30 sec. (average boil time specification of 5 min. represents the time required to do 2 separate boils of 0.5 liter of water)-- Ultralight 0.8-liter FluxRingA(R) cooking cup-- Cooking cup clips onto the burner, preventing accidental spills-- Ultralight drink-through lid with pour spout and strainer-- Ultralight insulated cozy-- Ultralight adjustable stainless-steel burner-- Ultralight shroud-- Built in Push-button igniter-- Bottom cover doubles as a measuring cup and bowl-- Stove burner and 100g fuel canister stow inside the cup-- Compatible with all Jetboil accessories (sold separately)