Adventures with Kids

Any other parents out there?

I used to go hiking nearly every weekend. It slowed significantly with the birth of my daughter until she was about 1, then it was time for the hiking carrier backpack and life was grand! She’s almost 5 now, and we gave the carrier backpack to friends last winter when it was clear she was too heavy, too whiny, and was bruising my back from the kicking. I’ve tried to include her on adventures, but I feel like the older she gets, the more she seems to just hate it! I hate it when the whining and tantrums ruin the experience for everyone. Does anyone have suggestions, tips, and tricks for how to logistically include kids in outdoor adventures as well as how to keep their spirits up?

I’m aiming for some snow backpacking over our winter break, but I need to prepare for keeping her warm, happy, and excited about nature and movement and all that is wonderful about hiking and camping.

Kid experiences and stories are helpful, too.